We are excited to announce that we were voted one of the top 10 Romantic Restaurants on OpenTable this week. Follow this link to see for yourself!

This restaurant is a treasure. [...] Bella serves an imaginative, eclectic, cuisine that is based on the best of local fish and produce, and the best around here is pretty damn good.

Always try the specials; the chef puts his whole heart into them. He usually offers one or two fish entrees, perhaps one beef or lamb dish. The fish is so fresh it tastes as if it had dived from the ocean onto the plate. Sauces sparkle with herbs; the meats are often partnered with a fruity vinegar reduction. Entrees almost always include some kind of grain dish such as rice or barley risotto, and organically grown greens. This is kale, collards, and escarole that have died and gone to heaven.

Bella's food is delicious, but its wine list is extraordinary. Ask for the Riserva list and don't hesitate to talk to the staff about the wine. The list is particularly strong in Washington and Oregon reds. Everybody knows about Oregon's lovely pinot noirs, but Washington has delectable cabernet francs, soft merlots, and cabernet sauvignons that taste like ripe blackberries. Many of Bella Italia's selection are hard to find collectibles.

The place is informal, kid friendly, and open from 4:00pm for dinner. You're missing a real regional star if you leave the Olympic Peninsula without eating here.

P.S. Guidebooks to the Olympic Peninsula write well of Bella Italia but underrate it. The restaurant has had a new chef and has blossomed from a good place to a really good place over the last year. The guidebooks, always a little out-of-date, do not yet reflect the change.

- The Kalebergs, City and Restaurant Reviewers


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